I’m redesigning the world

Starting with my Personal Brand Design 

Brand design, the visual part of it, involves a short list of fundamental things: Logo, Color, Typography, and Shape. The first three are the strongest and most-essential elements.

I’ll walk you through my thinking for each one in my brand.


If you’ve heard the saying “Fighting like cats and dogs” you’ll get the gist of this logo design.

Someone said (who knows who, but it makes sense to me), “Design is the visualization of intention.” It’s what your will looks like. I experience it as the battle between desire and obligation, creating beautiful things and making money by meeting deadlines and such. Cats and Dogs.

This is my playful rendering of how I experience design: the exorcism of tension between opposing forces, both internal and externally.

And one alternate style for good measure.


I chose colors close to my heart. They relate to my own story of growing up in an immigrant home with a blue-collar work ethic and a deep love of the outdoors.


I chose 3 typefaces to create pleasant tension between hand-drawn, clean, and elegant shapes.

stolen hand

The quick brown fox



Jumps over the 


Salomé Italic

Lazy dog.